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CMU Projects

    I am currently studying Entertainment Technology in Carnegie Mellon University. So far, I have particiapted in 2 semester projects with one is currently going on. Please take a look at my projects! And for Emotionshop, welcome to our website to play the game I made!


Fall 2015 Academic Project



    Emotionshop explores how to use gameplay to evoke emotions.We create our games by rapid prototyping.

    The purpose is to find a systematic way to evoke emotions through game mechanics. We aim to build up a framework for future game developers to trigger player emotions regardless of art and story in games.

    The Team has 5 student developers. We will bring you games every week, and show you a new way to build up emotional moments in game you've never seen before.


What I did in this Project:

    Game developer


Team Members:

Producer/Devloper: Qiaochu Li (Mac)

Developer: Joseph Chiang, Melody Lee, Rahul Nagarkar

Sound Designer: Larry Chang

Spring 2015 Academic Project



       MoleCap is a new virtual reality experience utilizing Wireless Oculus Rift DK1 and Organic Motion Capture System. Developed by 6 students in Carnegie Mellon University, the purpose of this project is to push the hardware to the limit, creating an immerse and free virtual reality experience.


What I did in this Project:

    Producer, Game prototyper, Gameplay programmer


Team Members:

Producer/Programmer: Joseph Chiang (Joseph)

Game Designer: Maria Alejandra Montenegro (Maria)

Programmer: Fan You (Fan), Shengzhe Zhang (Michael), Kanglei Fang (K)

Artist: Jiaqi Wu (Jamie)


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