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Personal Projects

Besides of school works, I also spent time on my side projects. I love to try out new stuffs, and wish to use my game to bring joy and happiness to every player who has played my game.


Hope you all would enjoy my game, and please don't hestitate to give me any feedback to help my games become better and better. Thanks!!

Critical Angle

January 2018



   Transmit the light as far as you can! The only things you have are the two mirrors, how far can you take the light to?


Platform: Unity 3D (Windows/Mac)


Team Members:

Developer: Ariel Kuo, Joseph Chiang, Larry Chang 


Global Game Jam 2018


Totem Dash

January 2017



   Are you ready for typing to complete the totems ahead? Gather as many totems as possible before time runs out! 2 players mode: left player with only left hand, right player with only right hand, play together on the SAME keyboard!! (Left player has QWERTASDFZXCV and Right player has YUIOPGHJKLBNM)


Platform: Unity 3D (Windows/Mac)


Team Members:

Developer: Joseph Chiang


Global Game Jam 2017


Team FEEDUS, January 2015



   You and trapped in the deserted school in the dark. “They” are after you and the only tool you have is a camera. Use the flashlight of the camera to bright up your front and back, eliminate the attack from ghosts and RUN AWAY from school! “They” are coming, what do we do now…?


Platform: Unity 3D (Windows/Mac)


Team Members:

Artist: Shih-Tsui Kuo (Ariel) 

Programmer: Xiaoxin Zhao, Joseph Chiang

Sounds: Yu-Cheng Chang (Larry) 


Global Game Jam 2015, Team FEEDUS presents

Sword Art Offline

July 2013



    Kirito, a game lover, one day log in to the world of Sword Art Offline. After he entered the game, something strange happened. That is, the producer of this game, G.T.P, appeared and told him that he will not be able to log out unless he clear the game by defeating the boss who lives in top of the world. Can he accomplish this difficult quest and go back to his home safely?


Platform: RPG Maker VX


Dialog Language: Chinese

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